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Related post: Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 16:10:47 -0700 (PDT) From: anne gentry Subject: Dark Edenhttp://www.eroticexcursions.net/PresentsDark Eden Copyright 2005 by Rene.All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author. This material is presented as adult entertainment and is not intended for any person under the age of eighteen years. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the author assumes no responsibilities for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of information contained herein. All characters and descriptions are purely fictitious.REAL TIMEShe handed me the clipboard and sat down behind the counter. I looked over my form and started to fill it out. It was mostly regular medical stuff with some sexual questions like. "Have you ever had anal stimulation, Have you ever had urethra dilation," Stuff like that. I hesitated at some of the questions then wondered if Jon had asked for these questions to be asked.Adam waited patiently as I did this and when I was done he took the clipboard back to the receptionist.We waited for some time and after twenty minutes or so we were called back. A large handsome male took us back down a hall."Adam, if you will step in here please."Adam stepped into a room off to the right. I tried to look in clip preteen but it seemed dark and I couldn't make out what was inside."What he's not?"I didn't really want him to watch, but I didn't want to be alone with underground preteen modeling a strange man either, no matter how `Medical' he was."Don't worry, Anne, he will be able to observe."He started to walk down the hall and I looked at the closed door. The man stopped and looked back at me. I gritted my teeth and followed him. He opened another door and led me into a small exam room. It was the normal stuff nothing new or exciting. The table was padded with the small foot stirrups and there was a screen to undress behind."Anne, this will be a preliminary exam to make sure that you are healthy enough to meet the physical needs of your master. Now please, go behind the screen, disrobe, and place on a gown."I did as the nurse said and soon the regular stuff was taking place. Height, weight, B/P Things that any normal physical would cover. Nothing was different until the man wanted to take my temp."Now, Anne, if you would please mount the table and lay on your belly japanese preteens video I will get your temperature."I sighed as I got on the table and I was hoping that I wouldn't die preteen cunt lovers of humiliation that I was about to pre teen lingerire get my temp taken in my bottom, like a two year old.The man snapped on some latex gloves and came up preteen naturist sex beside me. I watched as I laid there with my hands gripping the top edge of the table as he uncovered my bottom and brought his gloved hands to my cheeks."Just relax. I can't separate you when you're all clenched up." I forced my cheek muscles to relax and he separated them exposing my anus. I felt his gloved finger touch me and with a little pressure go in quickly, twist, and then pull out.I felt the thermometer being pushed in and I bit back a little sound. The man held my cheeks apart as the glass rod stuck out of me. It must have taken five minutes before he pulled it out and I let out my breath."Ok Anne, the doctor will be in shortly. You can sit up now."He started to set up covered trays, and I made every effort to not watch, at all.When he came in, I saw that the doctor was a younger man with pale hair and a very well built body. He was polite as he explained that he was one of three doctors in the clinic, but he was the only one who took patients after hours like this. He said that he wasn't really going to require me to speak, after his initial history, and if I liked I could be gagged. My eyes about came out of my head."Thank you, Sir." I managed to squeak out.He then did the same stuff as any doctor would do, including checking my glands, and I started to relax.The doctor felt my abdomen and then lowered my gown to do a breast exam. He asked me if I had any pain anywhere, any internal female problems- regular periods etc. When he finished his history, and the prelims. He asked the nurse to place my feet in the stirrups.The nurse pulled the stirrups from the end of nn art preteen the table, pushing me flat to the exam table. I started to feel nervous as the male nurse helped me preteen schoolgirls naked into the stirrups, putting socks on my feet. He made sure my bottom was at the edge."Okay, let them fall open for me. "He made me separate my legs out wide. I watched as he reached up and grabbed the metal bar, fixing it into position. He then directed the light so that it shone down onto my open private parts. The other arm was pulled down at the same angle. I flushed with embarrassment, as I knew that my privates were now going to be observed by a stranger."Anne, you need to be very still for us now." The nurse said.He made sure the arm was right were he wanted it. The doctor then rolled between my legs."I'm just going to examine your external organs."I felt his gloved hand as he separated the top of my vaginal lips to reveal my clitoris. He parted me and then took a finger and touched my small nub. I closed my eyes at this, and then felt more pressure as he slipped his fingers down; opening the slippery folds and air hit my pee hole. He separated me more, and then worked down farther to open my vagina. I stared at the ceiling, as I knew that he was showing the nurse my most intimate parts. My face filled with red-hot blood.He took his time running his fingers up and down my exterior lips, and then he felt the interior ones. I knew that he was making sure that he got a glimpse of every piece of my sex.My knees wanted to close so bad to cover what was left of my modesty. Modesty that was out in the open for anyone to see. I gripped the edge of the table so hard, my knuckles turned white."Ok. The internal exam now."Is all preteen actress the doctor said as he slid two rubber-covered fingers into me. He then pushed them in and out a few times and twisted them. I moaned as my sex was being palpated, opened. His other hand came up and started to press my abdomen. His fingers felt to this side and that, and then back again, insistently.He took his hand away from my abdomen and pushed his fingers in and out preteen schoolgirls panties of me a few more times stretching my vagina down as he did. My face flushed with even more humiliation and I thought I was going to scream out to stop, just as his fingers were removed. I could feel how wet I was and just when I thought I couldn't blush anymore I did. My heart pounded and raced as I felt my juices drip from my wide opening."The speculum now..."I felt the thongs slowly move up into me and then loud clicks separated me to show my insides to the men between my legs. I was breathing with little gasps as the doctor moved the speculum into me smoothly. I then heard metal against metal, as the regular scrapings were taken from my cervix, rougher than I was used too, cramping me."Easy, just the Pap..."The speculum was then left for a minute, and I heard some instruments clinking. I felt cold liquid inside my vagina. When I looked down between my legs, I saw the doctor holding a kidney shaped bowl and several sets of forceps holding wettened pads of gauze bandage. The nurse moved to my side, and pushed my head back, stroking my cheek."Just cleaning you out a little."The gauze was rough, and the liquid was cold. The sound was the worst, metallic clanking. The feel of him prodding the tissues inside me deeply, was disturbing. I made a little moan and the doctor stopped. He closed the thongs and slowly pulled the speculum from me."Now the rectal exam..."I felt his finger at my well-exposed anus. I felt him twist his finger at my opening and then very slowly press inward to enter me. I moaned again as the doctor had just the tip of his finger in me and he felt the muscle that surrounded my opening. He then inserted more of his finger. I tightened my muscles on his finger preteen sex dvds and he told me to relax. His finger then made its way so deeply into me that I felt his hand at my bottom. He searched deep inside me and I made as little noise as possible. My knuckles now white from my hold on the table."Bear down for me please..."I grunted and his finger went deeper. He then withdrew it and pushed it back in a few times and I could hear clicks of the lube on me. I made a little sound as a second finger was introduced into me and searched inside. He then pulled his fingers out and walked a few steps away to the counter. I let out a long held breath.I looked between my legs to see him writing in a file. As the doctor and nurse talked non preteen pictures I laid there spread open with the stirrups still in place. The nurse nodded then slipped on some gloves and came up between my legs."Just a minute and I'll clean you up." He said.The doctor told him a few more things and then left the room. The male nurse stepped between my legs again and placed a box on my belly. He took a cloth from the box and brought it down to me. I felt his fingers part my lips and he wiped from the top slowly down to my anus. He did this three times getting a new wet cloth each time. He then told me I could sit up for a few minutes. He released my legs, and straightened them out. He stopped for a moment, giving me a glass of water, and then the nurse walked out the side door. I started to get a little scared as I sat there alone in this sterile little room. Still nothing bad had happened, just the usual, just slower than I was used too. I tried to take some deep breaths.The nurse came back some time later and gently led me through the side door, to another room. My clothes had been taken in before me and I was told to get dressed.Adam came in just as I was fully clothed, and we walked back out to the reception area. I followed slightly behind him, signing the release forms so Jon could get the report. Doc shook Adam's hand, and gave me the quick once over. He smiled, and I was very careful not to catch his eyes. They talked about the trade. His services for my use at some future date. I was intrigued.It hadn't been too bad, but I wondered the entire time we were driving tiny preteen cp back to my place, just what was Doc's personal perversion? Part of me really wanted to know, and part of me just didn't. Someone that knew as much about the human body as a doctor, probably knew every painful nook and cranny. I didn't even ask Adam about it as he took me home. I bit my tongue the whole way back.WEEKEND WARRIORI found myself at Jon's fifteen minutes early and waited on the doorstep for a few minutes. Finally knocking about five minutes early. I felt like the cherry on top of a sundae standing out there. Adam answered the door and I fell to my knees once he closed it behind him."Hello, Anne.""Good evening, Adam." I said, simply because I had been addressed.He led me back towards the study where Jon and Traci were waiting. Curled up on the couch. I handed Jon my journal as I went to kneel before him."Did you write in it everyday?"I said I had."Were you good this week?""I did as you asked of me, Master."He smiled. Holding the volume in his hands."Terry has asked for your company tonight. Adam will prepare you. Do you agree?""Yes, Master."Jon waved us out of the room and we went down to the bath chamber to prepare me for Terry.I followed him into the bath chamber. Standing before the marble pedestal again."Clothes off, Anne." He ordered.I immediately complied with him. Laying them in the basket that he had placed for that purpose. Adam came up behind me, and I shivered, expecting him to lean me over and fuck me like he did the last time. His fingers touched my back. His voice a mere caress on my frame."I'm not allowed to touch you now."That almost made his touch better, forbidden fruit."I'll get you tonight after you've been fucked so sore that the thought of another cock in your pussy makes your bones ache. forbidden preteen videos A torture all its own."He moved back abruptly. I rocked on my legs, grabbing the pillar before me for support. Panting."I will give you a piece of free advice, Anne. Don't orgasm, until they tell you too. Jon was not happy with your performance on Sunday. No self-control." Shudders shook me as tears welled in my eyes. His words sinking into me harshly. Jon would be working on that. Reality check. No matter how much I fantasized about love in chains, or how close I felt to Jon. This was a business for them and I was a specifically trained commodity. I thought about it until Adam came over to me with a basket of supplies. "Up on the block, Anne. You're about to become bare-shaven."I did as he asked, but I was surprised."Don't even protest." He hissed. "Do what they want of you, when they want it of you, this weekend." I nodded."Terry wants a virgin and it's up too me to prepare you for him. Your list says- fur. Jon says- none. No age-play, so you're going to do it.""Role-playing?" I whispered.Adam laughed. Stirring cold wax with a little paddle in a jar. He spread it in a line over the top of my sex. Letting it harden before he ripped it off with a quick pull. I yelped at the sudden unexpected pain."You'll love this; make you wetter than hell, Annie. Just let me work."He was right. It was a masochistic trip of enormous proportions. The smear of cold wax, then the quick pull. Sharp, delicious affliction and I knew that I had to remain still. It was over much too quickly. Adam patting my leg as he put the supplies away. He led me to the bath."What do they cute preteens nonnude really want?" I asked quickly, before preteens models japan my courage faded completely."They preteen dark toplist want everything on your list to be a `yes.'"I was puzzled."You can no longer have preferences. You must do what you are told, when you are told to do it. How you are told. That's what they molly preteen gallery want."He washed my hair and brushed conditioner through it gently."There's a leather-dyke that comes here every once in awhile. Mean as a snake. She'll let you cum after she's made you ache in places that you didn't even know you had. One hint of protest with her and she'll make you wish that you liked vanilla sex."He braided my hair into two fat braids on my head."Best orgasm that I ever had in my life. Hope I never have another."My mind whirled into over-drive. Setting itself into a loop. It hit me suddenly. I either needed to get serious, or get out of it. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Sudden pain in my jaw as my teeth ground together."Anne?" Adam asked gently."I'm alright. I just realized that this is not a game, really."Now, I needed to decide whether or not to stay. Adam spoke, his voice was low."No, but it's the only way for us to safely play in this arena, Anne. You are not out of your mind and neither am I."He was right. I could let go here because I was supported here in a way that the outside world would never support our kind of outlaw sexual adventurers.So I let him care for me. Letting his big hands preteen slut video rub an abrasive cream deeply into my freesex preteen dry sex. It didn't moisten it; it felt like it tightened it up. Odd sensation. Very odd. The thing was. I was no longer afraid of myself. I felt lucky to be here. I could be playing this game someplace unsafe. I could become a statistic, but not here. It just seemed bizarre to be in a business setting and not a private relationship somewhere. I started to laugh, startling Adam. It came from deep inside me rolling over me helplessly. I would rather be here than anywhere else. If eventually I did have to pay for it. That would be alright too. At least this way I won't have to sacrifice my daily life. Adam put his finger over my lips to silence me as he dressed me in a schoolgirl's uniform. Even if it wasn't a game that didn't mean that I couldn't have fun. I just had to readjust my thinking. Learn the pecking order. I could do that. Pick another focus.Maybe the orgasm wasn't the big thing. I saw Adam grin at me and realized that I had spoken aloud. I grinned back and whispered."I still won't do gerbils."He did crack up then. Handing me a sheaf of papers from the shelf."You are very naughty, do you know that?""Yes, that's why you like me. I don't care if I can't orgasm all weekend or all month. I deserve it for disobedience. I need to learn everything that I can to get along here."I composed my thoughts. `I will learn whatever slim preteen lingerie skills they set me. I will submit to whomever they put me with. I will allow Doc to do whatever he needs to do to get off on my body under his, even though the very thought scares the be-Jesus out of me. I will obey you. Those are my choices.' I stood up straighter before him."I like it here preteen russia grils and I want to stay here with all of you. I can feel here and not have you think of me as some kind of freak."He smiled then, genuine, warm. Kissing me deeply. Hot delicious open- mouthed. My lips captured against his, as a moth against a flame. I didn't want him to stop."Come on then. Read the paper and come with me."We started walking."The place you're going too is Terry's room, although he has access to the others. He rents this one, like I do the loft."I let him talk. Lots of background.Terry liked women, but preferred virgins. Very hard to find in this day and age. He also had no desire to play with a child, so he dressed up Jon's slaves as young people and played with them. Better than prison time. Adam touched my hair and left me sitting on a bench before a plain door on the third floor. I rested there quietly. Waiting for Terry. Thinking about this whole deal as I read the papers. I could do this. It was going to be fun, too. I slowly let the raw power of the scenario invade my mind. I felt myself becoming the young girl from the pages in my hands. Anticipating Terry's touch on my quivering body. Frisson of delightful fear. I am the Schoolgirl and I am in big trouble. THE HEADMASTERWell, it was the first `No' on my list. Age play. I was too tall for 12, but maybe 15. I felt tight and terrified. The cream that Adam had rubbed into me felt like it was pulling my sex into a new shape. I'd love to know what it was made with. Maybe not. I had schoolbooks in my hand and the basic scenario in my head. Long braids over my shoulders. White cotton everything. Shirt, socks, panties, bra. Skirt of plaid in dark colors and black leather shoes buffed almost patent. I felt young sitting on the bench on the third floor. Before one of the `Specialty' rooms. The Teacher's Study.Adam told me that this was Terry's personal room. He rented it and he decorated it. He also told me that Terry used the other rooms on occasion. That was part of the deal. I was to call Terry, Mr. Jensen, but I had no idea if that was his real name or not. I had no real idea what he wanted. The door opened."Come in, Miss Hawthorne."That was my name in his crisp British accent. I stood quickly."Yes, Sir."He closed the door behind me as I went to stand before the desk. I noticed that he was dressed in a dark gray suit with a red tie. The room we were in was like the movie set of a principal's office in an exclusive boy's school. Huge dark- wood desk, green blotter, pen set and a small lamp. The right edge had some type of smooth wooden sculpture at the back edge. A red leather chair was set before it but I knew better than to sit down. Bookshelves covered an entire wall. I looked down at his desk when he sat down. Noticing that he had a report with a large red `F' on it before him. I hung my head."This is very disappointing."I kept my head down."In all my years as Headmaster here. I have never seen work as ill-prepared as this.""I'm sorry, Sir.""I'm afraid that I'm sorry just isn't going to be good enough this time. We've had this discussion before, Anne."He was very stern and serious."Yes sir." I answered.I was the very picture of contrition, but still dry as a bone. The fear pounding in my chest should have had me dripping in nothing flat."Well, I'm afraid that we will have to deal very seriously hardcore preteen cunt with this matter. I will be calling your father too collect you."He was reaching for the phone on his desk."Oh no, sir. Please..." I pleaded, desperately. "Not my father, sir. I'll do my work from now on...""I'm afraid that I cannot believe that, Anne. You've shown a decided lack of responsibility so far. I feel that I have no recourse."I sat heavily in the chair, covering my face with my hands, books in my lap."If I get expelled again. My father will kill preteen hole me."I kept my face buried. A couple of tears magically forming on my lashes, because if Terry thought my performance was lacking, well... "Daddy" was Jon and I didn't want that to happen."Please, Mr. Jensen. Don't send me away from here."I let my braids fall forward over my face. He was moving now. Coming around behind me. I could smell his cologne. Light and airy. His hand fell on my shoulder, firmly."What would you be willing to do too stay here, Miss Hawthorne?"I looked up at him through the tears and whispered."Anything, sir. Please."I didn't see any change in his expression. His eyes were still coldly, clinical. Icy blue. His fingers flexing, topless preteen modelling once on my shoulder."There is some sincerity in your plea."His eyes bored into mine."Some corporal punishment and maybe a personal attention for myself."I let my eyes go wide in innocent shock."Personal attention, Sir?"He smiled as he stood over me. One finger going to the bit of exposed collar bone at the throat of my white shirt. Delicate enough to make me shiver with fear. His eye went hot."You know what I want, Miss Hawthorne."I felt palms start to sweat. I dropped my eyes."But Sir, I've never...""All the better..."The hand withdrew."I can still call your father."I shook my head, no."Then please stand."He went to the door and locked it as I stood."Now, remove your panties."I felt my lips start to tremble, but knew that disobedience would not be tolerated. So I lifted the plaid skirt and slid the white cotton underwear from my newly bare pubis. The silken folds still dry. I prayed to God that I slicked up quickly. If he fucked me dry. I'd be sore for a week. Terry was no small hanging man."Good posture, child. Hold the skirt up nicely. Eyes front." I let my chin start to quiver."Naughty girl, you did agree to anything that I wished, didn't you?"I nodded."I just... didn't think..." I stammered in a pretty good parody of the nervous young virgin that I was portraying."I will admit to taking advantage of your untenable situation, my dear. You want to stay and I want to deflower you." He circled me checking my body over."It has been some time since I have had any sport or anyone in as desperate a predicament as you."He ran his fingers lightly over my ribs until I quivered. Tears threatening."So, put your hands flat on my desk. I feel the need to examine the well to which I will soon dip."I bent slowly at the waist to place my hands on his desk. Letting him nudge my legs apart. His spread hand on my lower back tracing the line of my hip to my buttock japanes preteen movies through the rough fabric, squeezing."You are so afraid of me, without reason. I like virgins, Anne." One finger moved to my sex. He had to force it past the dryness."What a lovely honey-pink your young flower is. Dry with fear, which will only make it harder for me to break. Try pretending that I'm the young gym teacher. Maybe that will wet your little pussy."I gasped at his crudity, quaking."Sir, please. Just preteen illeagle vidoes get it over with. This is... embarrassing."A cane came across cp preteen fuck my buttocks with sharp force. Moving me forward."I do not like impertinence."His finger circled my puckered nether opening, which tightened involuntarily."There are other ways for me to take you, bear that in mind.""Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, sir."I spoke quickly. No need preteens naturist boys to fake tears now."You paper was ten pages, so ten little strokes with my cane. If you are very good for me. No moving preteen angeks nude or screaming. I'll pop your proper cherry. If you resist, I use the less accessible opening. Do you understand?"I nodded, energetically."Yes, sir."I heard the whistle and felt the fire spreading over my skin. Cutting blows that I guest preteen models knew would bruise, but by Jon's rule, couldn't break the skin. I wanted to move. Wanted to scream, but didn't, by some superhuman act of self-control. I let the flow from my eyes fall unchecked for all ten blows of the cane. Sobbing quietly when he was finished."Say thank you.""Thank you, Mr. Jensen."He chuckled when I whimpered softly with misery. He stood me up straight and moved me to the short couch. Sitting me down on the leather, making sure my skirt was bunched up above my waist. Terry stood over me and opened his pants. Letting his organ stand by preteens images nn itself from the hole in the dark wool. He rolled a dry condom over the thick organ."Open your legs."I did and he touched my dry flower."I have no desire to make you bleed preteen tiny models because of your fear. Take my penis into your mouth and wet it."I shook my head, causing him to grab my braids with his fists."If I fuck you dry. You won't walk for incest girl preteen a week, so open your mouth."I felt him pull preteen chatrooms me up hard. His cock pushing roughly at my lips until I opened them.Terry pushed his dick as far into my throat as it would go. I was so hot I felt that I as going to come right there, but I was bone-dry. `How could I still be dry?' It hit me abruptly and I knew the game then. I started to wet that condom with as much saliva as I could produce.Whatever model preteen nonude Adam had rubbed into me had dried me up for awhile. The only lube that I was going to get would be what I put on that rubber before he fucked me. I got it good and damp. As much as I could before he pulled away from me. Letting him lay me back with my head on the arm of the couch and my arms above me. He spit into his fingers and rubbed the outer folds with the small wetness. Not near enough. Coming up above me he rested the head of his penis against me and thrust it in about an inch. It moved with a thick scraping feel into my cavern. It hurt for the first time in a long time, having a cock go into me. I didn't like the way it felt, not at all.I arched up, trying to push him off me. The parched tunnel clenching against his invasion. My clit swelled with pleasure, but I felt like I was being torn in two by his organ. He murmured against my preteen boy love hair, but I couldn't make it out. It was too low. I pushed harder and felt him take my hands into his left fist. Covering my mouth with his other hand. I screamed freely then and it was comfortably muffled."You rich little bitches are all alike. Come here and expect to be treated like goddesses. Well, this is what you really deserve."His face had changed and shy dolls preteen his penis had enlarged. Tearing forcefully into me. Rough as rape. My grotto rent by his body."You deserve to be underneath me." I nodded, hoping that he would hurry.Terry caught my chin. His fingers tight enough to get my full attention. He leaned on me heavily and fucked preteens top metart me raw. Ignoring my tears, my pleas and my struggling. Making no attempt to make it good for me. Not free top preteen even seeing me, using me for some fantasy release that only he was enjoying. I moaned and cried, begging him to let me up, I'd be good. All to no avail, he was relentless is his use of me.When he finally came, bucking against my clit. I sobbed with pain. Exhausted, yet grateful, when the last of his spasms shook him and he pulled out of me with a brisk jerk. His shoulders stiffly erect. Leaving me in a pile on the couch as he cleaned up. He came back to stand over me and order."On your feet, Anne." I stood up shakily."I've got some oil to make you less sore."He started walking towards another door."Follow me."I did and he led me to a bedroom. This room was done in the same masculine tones young girls preteens as the other, but this was his room. The bed was your standard bondage four-poster. Two fluffy pillows in the middle of it."Up in the middle, face down, hips on the pillows."I went stiffly and bbs preteen nudes did as he asked of me. Sore in places that had long ago ceased to ache after sex. I half watched him undo his tie. He removed his jacket, and then rolled up his sleeves. Taking a big jar from the shelf before coming to the bed. I twitched nervously. "Relax. This will feel good. Just some nice cooling oil in your sore little flower."He tied me down and put a silk hanky between my lips, rolling the skirt to my waist."Just so you don't embarrass yourself, by crying out as the pleasure comes over you. Then, if you like, we can talk."I nodded my head. The first touch of the cool oil against the lightly abraded flesh felt like heaven. His fingers gentle, kind almost. I moaned into the silk hanky, a small sound of complete and total relaxation. Easing into the feel of the bondage and the slickness of his fingers. Loosening up because I could do nothing else.This was heaven. Terry had the fingers of a pianist, molding, stroking the edges. Pushing into the crevices. Pressing the preteen sex dvd G-spot deep inside me. The room warm and my body relaxed."It takes a good girl to allow tears to flow preteen free videos when being taken that way. Your little sex is red and swollen. No blood just abraded tissues. You'll be sore in class for a day or so."He kept stroking me, avoiding my clit."I've tied you down to make it easy for to enjoy my attendance."He kept talking in a low voice."Sweet, bare. Tight. You have to know the ways of pleasure, because you will be back into my bed whenever I want you." I shook my head, no. He laughed."Oh yes, I have you now. I can still call your father."I hung my head."I mentioned that I worked at a boy's school?"I nodded, feeling the warmth spread with the path of his fingers to my ass."I have a desire to open that little butt of yours."I shook my head."You have no choice, child, but not, I think, today."Another prod."Are you blue?"I shook my head and he went back to playing with my sex. His fingers covered with a rubber glove."Wider legs and hold it that way."I put my body into the position that he wanted."You have to pee now, don't you?"I nodded and freaked when he laughed."I wouldn't."I shook my head vigorously. No, I won't. It would be much easier if he would stop putting all that pressure on me up there with his probing fingers. I rested, trying to get some of my strength back. Breathing deeply in acquiescence. Submitting myself to his attentions. Deep gentle strokes from his hand. Feeling preteen bbs loltas the welcome wetness starting to flow, getting slippery. Lovely. "Nice depth."He was talking to himself, not even thinking of me beyond the fact that I was willing flesh welcoming his ministrations. Then the unexpected happened. My vagina swallowed his hand, without pain or pressure, or any resistance. My flesh merely accepted his. I held still in surprise. My legs tightened into rigid blocks. I was awake now. The pressure was incredible. Terry laughed, deep, richly resonant in the room. I heard a knock on the door."Come in, Jon."Terry's other hand was resting on the small of my back. "Look what I have here." I heard him walk over to sit on the edge of the bed."I wondered if she could do that.""Pretty easy, but unplanned. She's a little too full for this."Terry rocked his hand and I clamped down on the threatening flood."I'd rather not have the mess, but you may decide. There are other rooms here."Jon told him to hold on for a minute and left the room.When he came back he slid something under my hips and pulled the pillows out. Wrapping towels around my legs at the knees."Nice welts, Terry."Big hands on the marks."What do you want to do?"Considerate of Jon to ask me what I wanted, but I knew he wouldn't. He let me stay there and pant with lust."Let's fuck the piss out of her. Make her lose complete control."I rolled my head trying to convey that I had no desire to make a mess like that in front of anybody. It would be too humiliating, but they were paying no attention to me beyond pulling the silk hanky from my lips so I could use my safe word if I wanted too."There are some other toys in the cabinet over there. Help yourself. Nice selection of canes.""I wanted to let her retain some dignity, but you can make her do whatever you want her too. She's been a bit too sure of herself so far, so let's see if we can make it go away."Another low laugh from Terry who rocked his hand."She'll do it if she comes, won't she?""Yes."It was all very practical sounding."I know it's not what you planned, but it could be interesting." "Nice paradox. Pleasure or punishment."He slid in front of me and took my face in his hands."You are going to allow Terry to fuck the piss out of you, or I won't let you come for a month."I whimpered, but said nothing beyond."Yes, Master."I didn't know if I could do it. Some things are too deeply ingrained to nastia preteens be overcome. I was torn. Not soiling yourself was so intrinsic to every photo preteen illegal person over three years old.Terry had no such qualms. He started using his hand with a vigorous motion that put more pressure on my insides than I free preteen tpg could really stand. Jon sliding down to play with my clitoris. Well away from the line of fire."You're going to do it, Anne. Because I tell you to.You crave the orgasm more than any other person that I have ever had here before."His words were working on me. Setting my mind on fire. Galvanizing the lust in my head to the fire in my sex. I wanted too, but it was so hard."Come on, baby. Let it go. It's what we want. Then Adam will come and take you to the basement. Wash you and dress you for the whip."The whip. That sounded nice."Only if you do it. Lose yourself to it. No whip if you don't." I tried then, but only managed to force a drop from my body. I couldn't."Got a penny, Jon."Terry said. I had heard that term before but never as a good thing. He put his hand under the front of my stomach, pushing from the front and from deep inside me. Jon pushing on my love-button. I struggled against it. The rising wash of feeling from my abdomen. So different from the other pleasures that I had felt in my lifetime. A burning ache from the top of my pubis to the depths of my bowels. Erotic urgency straining my self-control. I was losing it and it panicked me.Then Jon pinched my clit with insistent rhythmic vigor. I clamped myself down tightly, but couldn't stop the burning flow from within me as I pushed insistently against Terry's hand, forcing it out of my vagina the way it had come into it. Warm moisture flowing into the towels as I came and came and came. Head up, jaw like iron. Low growls from in me, barely heard. I collapsed into the mess, not caring about it. Horrified by my actions, however involuntary.They left me lying there. Spent with passion and humiliation. Sobbing into the pillows. Trying to figure out what lesson I had been supposed to learn from this, but to tired too. To miserable.Adam came in with a laundry basket. He took the towels from beneath me. Making me kneel on the floor as he cleaned up. "Come on, Anne. It's alright. You did alright."I swallowed convulsively, around the lump in my throat. I felt ashamed and irritated and hurt. It had shown Jon something about my personality though. The significance of my actions did not go past him without being noted. He saw quite clearly that I didn't take humiliation well. I didn't take it well, at all. I struggled to pull myself back together with tears choking me. Letting Adam take me back to the bath chamber to clean me up. Once again. AFTER THE HEADMASTERI was pretty freaked, no doubt about it. When Adam closed the door of the bath chamber behind us. It was only his hands pulling me against his chest that kept my legs from collapsing under me. His big hand in my hair, pulling me tightly into the circle of his arms, and holding me near. Cold, I was ice-cold and couldn't stop the violent shudders as sobs threatened to flow from me."It's okay, Anne. It's over."His voice throaty and sincere against my head, and I felt as though a band of steel had been released from around my chest, and tears flowed from my eyes like a waterfall of excess emotional baggage. I melted into him, clutching his back and preteens nude beach sobbing deeply. Whatever efforts of will holding me up and quiescent, gone now as I let him hold me. I lost it. Feeling every frustration and humiliating moment of what I had just let them do to me. Half angry, because it had been non-painful and I preteens uncensored photos had no choice but to let it happen. "Are you hurt?"I shook my head, feeling my sinuses squeak in my head. I am not someone that cries real good."No, Adam. I just..."I couldn't even put it into words. I just felt like I had been broken open, and someone had rearranged the inside of my psyche."Okay." He said firmly. "Stop."He backed me over to the marble pedestal."Drop the emotion for a minute. Think."I took a couple of deep breaths, sniffing."Did you like being with Terry."I felt the wet sodden preteen naturalist gallery lump of my brain starting to move again."Yes, Adam." I answered honestly.No use lying here really. I had liked it, all but the end really. He stepped back from me, but keeping me on the ends of his hands."Okay, then. I have been where you are. Pushed beyond a personal limit. Let it go. You did not lose your control Terry took it from you with force."I understood that. I could see what he was saying. "Now, listen."I did not dropping my eyes from his."You were great in there. Graceful, tactful, compliant. Perfect.You did not let any preference show any preference until you were well away from the master and Terry. You did the right thing."I felt almost normal."You earned the whip, Anne."That did make me feel better. My eyes were still sticky from tears, but I could take a deep breath with no effort."They will make you do everything at least once, just to find out how it makes you feel. After awhile even the things you are unsure about will seem natural, comforting even."Okay, I felt normal at last. I could follow what he was saying. It was a matter of surrendering myself totally to the desires of another person, and letting their desires flood my senses until they were met and we became one entity. I tried but it was difficult."Can you do that, Annie?" Adam asked me suddenly, his eyes close to mine. not preteen pussy The warm sweetness of his breath filling my nose."I did do that, Adam." I snapped suddenly, spirit coming back into my words. My eyes flashing, quickly. He smiled down at me as I shook my head. He led me too the shower."It not that, Adam. It was that a limit that I had set had been obliterated without my consent. Nobody said I would have to do that..."I shivered with disgust. I couldn't help myself, it just happened. tgp preteen seventeen A delicate shiver that I couldn't really explain other than that it was just, icky. That sounded infantile, even as it was preteen model shameless true. The very thought of it on my skin. He put me into the warm water, and I felt it sluicing off my epidermis. It came to me suddenly. Jon had hurt my feelings. I didn't think he meant too, but that was the end result of what he had done. I had always thought, that S/M, B/D, whatever was a mutually erotic activity. A head-trip agreed to between all parties. I had not even been treated as human. Less than a pet even. I had been an orifice, and then he had left me lying there in that confusion. Left me alone as though I had done something, contemptible and wrong. Like I was dirty for allowing them to use me like that. I was getting angry, and I could feel my pulse going up, and the flush starting all over my skin. The impotent fever of hatred and malevolence. Not good nude europe preteen for me, really. I had some sense of the contract I had signed, and my own honorable reaction to having given my word about this place and my role here. Had I sold my soul? Had I given my body unwisely? These were the thoughts that were floating around my head, in a whirling twist of conscious thought. No longer merely flesh ruling my purpose. Intellect filling in the pieces.The water washing my skin clean was warm, but there was nothing warm in my eyes. Adam drying me off carefully, watching the delicate play of emotion on my face as he usually did. I didn't care at that point that my eyes were filled with the fires of antipathy. He led me too the pedestal, putting a thick collar around my neck and he left me kneeling towards the hard marble. I heard the door behind me."That will be all, Adam. Thank you."Jon's voice and I tensed on my knees. He was directly behind me."Turn around, Anne."I did it immediately as gracefully as I could. His voice was stern, hard. I tried to check the anger flashing from my eyes, by keeping them lowered. I was not sure what had upset me more. Jon or myself for having been so disconcerted by what had happened. Maybe I had misinterpreted everything. I could be wrong for how I feel in my confusion? I could be mistaken that he had left me the way he had in disgust. This could be some new delicate head-trip to see how much I trusted his judgment. Could this be merely a test? To see how I would react when something unexpected was thrown my way? Layers and layers of possibilities. Just a bad head-trip? A little S/M Faux pas? Jesus, I had no idea, and the ceaseless questions were driving me into a state of confusion that I had never felt before. Better to just stay angry, but I was losing it quickly. He started to speak, his voice low. Almost sibilant."It was the look of you there on Terry's bed. His hand buried inside you. That virginal little skirt bunched up at your waist. Your hair in pigtails."I could see what he what saying in my mind, and felt it affecting me. He pulled me against his chest, and his hands stroked my back. Slow delicious circle. "Ahh, my little novice. So much to learn.""Why, Master? Why did you leave me there alone?" I burst out, and I felt him flinch. "Did I not please you? What was my crime?" I wanted to wound, thoughtlessly. Spear his heart as surely as he had wounded mine. Tighter he held me, the requisite tenderness that they all dished out when they felt you needed it, and I knew this even as I responded to it. Wanted it."You hurt my feelings." My voice sounded weak and tired and bitter to my own ears, what must it sound like to his? A whiny ungrateful bitch, and I was being just that too. Shame on me."Every one has preferences. Yours seemed to be so xxx sweden preteen easy to commute. So quick to turn, when there was something you truly wanted to experience. You lay with little porn preteens Terry, and dazzled him. I did not think that you would find it so very unpleasant that it would truly wound you."His voice did not sound timid, but his words were as close to an preteen stripping geocities apology that someone in my position was likely to get. I almost felt bad about my actions, my reactions."It wasn't as bad as you thought it would be, was it?"I felt myself going red with embarrassed humiliation."No, Master." I whispered but it scared me to admit it to him.If I admitted to my pleasure would they force me do the other things that I had said no to on my list? It caused a shiver of fear, but I couldn't even remember what they super preteen thumb were really. Words on a piece of paper that seemed suddenly to have very little to do with the actual flesh involved."There is a reason for bare preteen bottoms every action I take with you, Anne. Never forget that."I wouldn't forget, ever, but deep in my heart I knew that I would. Emotion was fashion preteen what he was trying invoke. It was what he wanted from me, but that seemed to be the one thing that I had real trouble giving to anyone. He took a leash from off of his belt, and clipped it to the standard collar that Adam had put around my neck. The only thing that I wore."Come, Terry has some nice new toys he wants to model preteen 12 play with in the basement. We'll talk later about Tim coming tomorrow." He chuckled in sudden good humor."You'll realize the folly of that quick enough."I followed him down the corridor, my spirit calmer. Not thinking about the future but knowing that the walk was easy. I wasn't sure that I wanted to be delivered back into the hands of Terry again though. That wasn't really my problem at this time, though diaper preteens wearing was it? DUNGEON MASTERThe dungeon was always a little scary. I could feel my knees weaken with every step that we took closer to the door. I was almost too mind-weary to want to play anymore. I wanted to lie down and go to sleep, but they weren't finished with me yet. I knew that until they were, I wouldn't be allowed to rest. Jon opened the door, and pushed me in on my knees. I fell gracefully. Eyes on the floor and the sets of boots suddenly in front of me. Adam's, I recognized, and Traci's. Jon's beside me. The heavy black ones next to me must be Terry's. The crisp leather, perfectly shined."Put her up on the horse. Let's play."I felt myself freeze in position on the floor. Moving only when I felt the tug on the leash they had attached to me. They took me over to a piece of equipment that I had never seen before. It looked like a leather covered road barricade. I was pretty sure that it had started out as something like that too. Where it widened near the floor, it had two quick clip restraints, and the top was covered with leather. The other end had a couple of clips for wrist restraints. Jon gave the leash to Adam, and he took me busty preteens nn to the thing. Laying me face down over it."Stay." He commanded.He picked up two leather legs cuffs, and two wrist cuffs. Traci came to the other side and put the left side on, while Adam did the right. Adam knelt down in front of me, and smiled just a little. He picked up a gag from the floor and pushed it through my teeth to buckle it behind my head. Getting very close to me to whisper."Here anger would stand you in good stead. You have puzzled them." His eyes darkened, as he whispered."Would you like to join her, boy?"Came Terry's voice. Adam said, `No' right away, so I wondered what was coming."Very nice marking. Some of my better work."Jon appeared to agree with him. Hands trailed over my skin making me shudder delicately, but not from cold. It was the position. My legs were wide, and open. My sex must be highly visible from almost every angle of the room. I could almost see it in my head."She's bone dry though."Came Jon's low voice."Traci, if you would."I heard her beside me, and tried to turn my head. Sharp smack from a belt and someone holding my wrists in front of me."You don't need to see that."Damn. She leaned up over me from behind. Heat radiating from her body. Hands stroking lightly, fingers feather-light. She spread my buttocks with her hands, and dipped between them. Eating me softly from upside down. Licking the very bottom of my sex as though she was moving on my clitoris.I flinched involuntarily. My wrists jerked. Jon held tighter to them and leaned down to speak to me. The voice of the master."You remember when you told me, you orgasm under the strap?"I nodded, quickly."Terry's never seen that, and when wet preteen pics I told him about it he wanted to observe."I tightened, and felt Traci's fingers entering me. Pushing at the little spot in the heart of my sex, making me unbearably hot. Ready. I felt my breath grow short, and deep. Almost, almost."That's enough." Jon said.She stopped, and I moaned. My vagina clenching on the emptiness. Mind trying to recreate the feeling that was denied it suddenly. Trying to close my legs as the air-cooled the moist heated flesh."May I?" Terry asked. free preteen cheerleaders Jon's answer was to grip my wrists tighter to the top of the horse. Here it comes, I thought, bracing my body for impact. It was quick. The blow was hard and sharp. The skin trying to recoil away from it. The next the same, and the next. Some kind of flat slapper was my guess. Bright copper penny pain as the skin became tender."Let it come, Anne."This was the head-trip. All I had to do was let it come. Lose myself in the dark romance of his words and my body. Let the flow over take my common sense until I no longer felt like a businessperson or a human being. Let me become the orgasm. I didn't know if I could.The humiliation female preteens from the bedroom, making me feel silly. Like I was some kind of freak. What was I doing here? Tied up like some kind of animal. Open to view. Prepped for some kind of game that had me as the prize. I moaned around the gag. Feeling the blows thicken. The little slapper nipping at the wet cleft. I cried out, muffled by the gag in my teeth."No, no."But knew that it couldn't be heard, and that anyone who did hear it, would not believe it. I was having an attack of reality and did not know if I could fight it. The only noise that could be heard was my desperate cry, and the sound of the toy as it impacted with my flesh. `Help me!' Jon leaned down and started to talk. Talk in a low voice, like Rob used to do to me. "You think that reality has anything at all to do with what we are doing to you?"I gasped, because he knew what I had been feeling."I want no reality from you. I want your skin, your heat, and your need. You think that you are special in this desire of yours?"I shook my head, tears starting to flow as the blows became agony, and torment, drove all thoughts except those he was giving to me from my head."I am fantasy, and reality. I am the closet in which you are mere fancy, and I, the dream-master of your nightmares."Terry started with something else. Wider and less damaging, because I had to be bright red back there. Every biting blast distinct and unparalleled in the pain that it caused me."You can hide from the world, but you cannot hide from yourself. You want to be taken over. Driven to madness. Used and taken and cherished by the only person you truly care about besides yourself."I wanted to ask who, but knew that he already knew the preteen lesbian videos answer. There was only one other person that I cared about in this room. One preteen free love other being on the planet. God, don't... I shook my head. Don't say it. I'll die, right here on this thing preteen rape boy in this room. If we mix up reality and fantasy like this I won't be able to separate it in real-life. Don't...My body convulsed and I shook my head quickly. Muscle forming knots. Eyes closed. Jaw hard. Sweat making me preteen galleries daily slick and wet and hot. I almost steamed. I pull against the bonds and felt Jon holding them tightly to the leather.Terry hit me harder and faster, pushing my body to the limits of endurance. Every muscle straining against the reaction, however voluntary, preteen photo porn of my body to this trip I was on. I would not be able to hold back. I knew that I wouldn't. It was too vital, and close and preteen models home intimate. Too surely what I wanted, and did I need to fight? Jon had not given me express permission, so I did not know if I could actually do it. He was silent and gratitude flowed over me. He pulled my arms closer to him, and stroked my back with his fingers.I broke. My orgasm sweeping me with a sudden burst of rainbow light that flashed before my eyes with strobe-like brilliance. Deeper than the first pinnacle of the night. Higher than the last time I had been beaten. More emotion involved. The secret that had not been spoken. Yes. I was starting to fall in love with someone in this room, but God help me if I would ever admit it.It was this secret and hidden shame that pushed me up over the top, and forced me to preteen nude 12years evaluate my body, my orgasm and my very flesh. The intense outcry from my soul, muffled into the gag that I wore. Jon holding me as still as his two strong hands could, until I collapsed back unto the leather beneath me. Gasping for air. Shuddering limply. The blows continuing until I had stopped, and all that was left was the quick jerks as the whip fell. I opened my eyes, and saw Terry standing behind the horse to the right. Whip hanging from his fingers, and Traci on her knees before him, using her talented mouth on his organ. I heard Jon in front of me, speaking to Adam. "Take her with you, and do what you will."They released me, and I fell to my knees on the floor."Set her up for tomorrow."I was watching Jon, walk away then come behind Traci. He freed his hard sex from his leather pants to fuck her from behind while she sucked on Terry. Her arms wrapped around Terry's thighs, supporting him. Jon's left hand tangling in her hair. Engrossed.We left dungeon, to go back upstairs.MORE NIGHT TALKThe walk was quiet to Adam's room, and I felt his eyes on me heavily. Taking me in with some new kind of fathomless speculation. It was eerie.When he closed the door on his room, he took the collar from me. The length of it falling from his fingers to the floor as he faced me. I felt fear. Quicksilver, mercurial. Running through my limbs and circling my heart. He took the cuffs from my limbs, and stood back up. Very close, but not touching me. His hands reached for me, so quickly, that I backed away from them. Turning back to the door with a reckless unknown emotion roiling through me. I had my hand on the doorknob, and the portal half opened when he was suddenly behind me. His body hard against mine. Pushing me to the door and slamming it closed with our weight."Don't..." I whispered.The word itself was torment to my ears. The pleading lost sound of that simple command weakly falling from my lips in supplication."I can't...""Shhh... Hush, I won't hurt you."I forced myself to silence, my hands spread against the wood before me. Eyes burning with unshed tears.`No, not this. Never this. Not emotion, not feelings that had nothing to do with my body. Let me die in peace, and alone, and quietly painless. Let my heart alone!' Thoughts like wildfire. Dire warnings of an enormous crack in the armor. My spirit was screaming silently. No audible noise except for the harsh sound of my breath as I fought for control.I was not used to having my feelings so close to the surface. I didn't want love, or feelings, or even nice. Was there nothing that I wanted in this world? I was so confused! The truth was that I did not know what I wanted. The flesh seemed like the only thing I listened too now. The only part of me not concealed by some thin veneer of steel and ice. I felt Adam's hands on my skin. His fingers on my shoulder. Breath warm against my neck, and so damn gentle, I almost broke from the poignant brush of him against my soul."Don't..." But that whispered plea had even less conviction than the first."Don't speak." He said, softly.He brushed the hair from my shoulder, and turned me in his arms. I kept my eyes down, not wanting to look at him. Not wanting him to see what I was feeling. His strong hands closed on my arms. His left sliding up the upper arm and over the shoulder to rest under my chin. A caress that reminded me of my grandfather's hands as he sought my eyes to discover some secret that I had hidden. Some shame that he would find reflected in the depths of my gaze. The fingers went to raise my eyes. I resisted him, closing them to hide them. He was insistent, seeking answers to questions that Jon had raised. Things that he had missed in his observations that he couldn't believe had gotten past him. Things too raw and open for me to want to reveal. He would not stop looking and I knew that I only put off the inevitable, but if I gave him what he sought. Adam would own me in a way that I feared more than any other. For if I loved him and he did not love me. Well, then I would be lost. If his love belonged to another, I would die. The third player in a play that would totally destroy whatever was left of my spirit when the curtain fell. I would cease to exist."Open your eyes."I heard his command over the pounding preteennudegirl gratis in my heart, and squeezed them shut tightly."Open them!"I did, trying for neutrality. Blankness, but it was impossible. I pushed at him, tears flowing down my cheeks."Don't... I told you not too. Why did you..."Pulled tightly to his chest, and held still by a strength that I knew would be futile to fight. I could not. I would not... He put his lips on mine. The breath of his cologne running over me. Tongue slipping into my mouth so softly that I could barely feel it, until it twined with mine. Being lifted and turned until I was dizzy with motion and laid down on the bed. His body over mine, and hands reaching for protection while never once did his lips leave mine.He was covered and in my body before I could take three deep breaths around the lump in my throat. Before more than six tears had run down my face at the insistent motion of his body in mine. Adam's face traveled down my neck, and I leaned into it. Using my hands to good purpose. Pulling him closer into me. His next words blown softly against my ear. Sibilant, sweet. Filling an empty part of my spirit that I did not realize was empty."I care for you too."So easy for men to say those words when they were inside you, preteen panty pussy and working their organs to orgasm. I longed for it, and wanted it, but did not trust it. They never understood it. How you love the top, but were not in love with them. They always made it personal. I resigned myself to the misunderstanding. I leaned into his ear and whispered back. Voice low. Sudden wry humor in my tone, as I surrendered to the inevitable."Tell me again, show me how you cum."He started to laugh. Breaking his rhythm for a moment as he fought to stop it from spilling into his lovemaking, but unable too. He shook with it, and pulled me closer. Looking down into my eyes. Eyes that shone with a sudden shy humor."Jesus, Annie. How the hell did I end up with you?"I smiled slowly. Dragging his body deeper between my thighs. Putting my hands into the long hair that hung over his shoulders, smoothing it. Feeling it curl around my fingers. Trapping them in silken bonds."Just lucky, I guess." I murmured, reluctant to surrender to the intimacy of the moment."Why didn't you want me to know?"That was an easy one to think, but not to say. How to tell him of it? I looked away."I read your journal, are you afraid I'll hurt you? Not emotionally, but physically?"I shook my head no; it was the emotional pain I did not want. My reluctance to speak was obvious to him, but the motivation behind it was not. It was an educated guess on his part, what came out of his mouth next."You couldn't see how I felt about you. You didn't know either."True enough, blindness for how other people feel was not necessarily an asset here where observations were so important. Maybe I hadn't wanted to see. I had to think though about my own inspiration. I needed to think it through. It would be difficult, but how to decide what to do with it. I wanted to be `normal.' What was normal? That was the real issue. I could lay under Adam, take his body into mine, but I did not know if there was enough real emotion left inside me to let him have what I felt he deserved."What are you thinking?" He asked, gently.Watching the play of feeling over my face. His body once again moving with mine. `God, he had a nicely formed penis. Perfectly placed to rub the right spots.'"That's it's been so long since I've had anything to do with anybody beyond a quick fuck. I really don't know what to do with this whole situation."He looked surprised."How long has it been since you have had..."He was going to say the L- word. I could feel it. "A lover?"I shrugged.Had I ever really? Someone to really laugh with, or talk with, or play with?"Never, really. I don't have the gift of inspiring great love in anybody. I just am... the way that I am."I didn't really want to talk about the stunted, malformed nature of my emotional health. I didn't feel comfortable with it, or calm enough with his sex slipping into mine so deliciously. This was too close for me. I felt more relaxed with some distance. I always thought that I would be better off with an arranged marriage. Someone that would want to make-love once a day, but leave me alone for the rest of my life."I have never had preteen nudist live anybody to laugh with. Anybody to share anything real with. I was lying to myself about the way that I looked at you, because I didn't really want to know that you had someone else in your life, or even had another life somewhere else that I could not be a part of."That was true enough, and although I might regret it tomorrow. I wanted to get it off my chest before the sun crawled over the horizon."It was easier to love you from somewhere over on the other side of the room, enjoying your beauty, than to let you know and ridicule me, or own me completely. Love was more power than I wanted to give anybody. Especially someone in a position to use it to some psychological advantage."He looked stunned."This love that we share won't have anything to do with here. We are both owned here. I am barely one step above you."He was dead earnest."I wouldn't want to use it against you."Lord, he meant it."Love doesn't mean that we have to give up ourselves. I wouldn't want too.""I wouldn't have to give this up?"He laughed. Putting one hand on my breast kneading it. Eyes darkening."Why would I want you too? I met you here. I get to torment you here. I can have you any way I want too, and see you preteen sparkle model during the week if we wish too."Playing with my arm, and my shoulder with mild pressure. I felt an enormous weight lifting from me."What about next weekend, and Tim?"He laughed and rolled me over on top of him. Making me ride his hard organ as he played with my clitoris. Putting my hands firmly on my own thighs. His eyes, danced. Teeth showing in a grin."Tim has asked that you be opened so he doesn't hurt you when he takes you from behind. Also that you be well-marked so he gifts for preteens doesn't have to work up to much of a sweat to make you raw."He got harder as he thought about it. I felt a bit breathless myself as he described it. He pinched my sex, roughly."I get to open you tonight before you go to sleep, and I was told to make you sleep beside me in torment."He rubbed the tips of my breasts."I'm the only one who can come right now."His eyes darkened with laughter, as I moaned in disappointment. Working to make him orgasm quickly so my blood wouldn't boil over."Like I won't make pretee